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Fresh new opportunities for your business

We believe in international business expansion.

Explore the market opportunities and implement your B2B market entry in a professional way with us for success. Expand your hi-tech business in Switzerland through direct or channel sales.

We established Fennobiz, because we believe in international business expansion through organic sales growth.

Our customers benefit from our extensive ICT industry sales and marketing know-how and significant network.

Few things can beat experience

For the thirteenth year we continue delivering sales and consulting services that are practical, inspirational and bring results.

Our experience has been gathered over several decades in the ICT business on country, EMEA and global levels.

Why Switzerland?

Simple. It is the most stable economy in Europe with a high interest to increase digitalisation in multiple fields.

And a wealthy one too.

What do you need for your market entry?

A very good understanding how the Swiss business world works and how to get in front of the decision makers.

We are on the spot here to support you with these capabilities.

Industry focus

  • Microelectronics
  • Wireless Communications
  • eHealth
Get in front of decision makers. Image copyright Canva

Reaching Out to Decision Makers for Results.

Getting a high-value solution to the Swiss market is best done with a top-down strategy in carefully selected target accounts. Getting to talk to the executive level decision makers in large companies requires an existing contact network and even then the skills to do it – and in local language.

This is one of the key added value points we provide to our customers.

Contact us now and we’ll tell you about the success our customers have achieved with us.

Some of Our Valued Business Partners and Customers

Some Fennobiz customers and business partners

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Fresh new opportunities for you.